Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Installing borg backup (fork of Attic) on Cygwin (Windows)

I've used Cygwin with rdiff-backup before to backup a Windows box to a backend Linux server over SSH, but given the success that I've had with Attic backup, I'm going to try this with the fork of Attic which is called "Borg".

Step #1 - Download and install Cygwin.  The following packages that need to be installed before you can install borg backup.

binutils (not sure)
libuuid-devel (not sure)

Step #2 is to install "pip" inside the Cygwin environment.

$ cd ~/
$ mkdir -p ~/downloads/python
$ cd ~/downloads/python
$ wget
$ python3
$ pip3 --version

The "pip" command should return a version number string if it is installed.

Step #3

$ pip3 install borgbackup

Step #4

At this point, if you type "borg" at the command prompt, you should see information about Borg such as the version and list of commands.

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